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If you are looking for beach huts for sale then we hope to help you here in this article.

1. Mudeford Beach Huts for Sale

mudeford beach huts for sale
Mudeford Beach Huts for Sale

Mudeford beach huts are very very popular. This is probably why they are said to be the most expensive beach huts in the world. With prices for these beach huts going up and up each year they are very much in demand.

Situated on the Mudeford Spit which is an isolated stretch of beach that can only be gotten to by ferry or land train. It very much feels like you are on your own private island.

What also makes Mudeford Beach Huts popular is that they are overnight beach huts. You can sleep in them unlike the other beach huts in the area.

To find Mudeford beach huts and Mudeford beach chalets for sale you usually have to be in the know of someone who is selling one. The beach huts here usually get sold privately and there is no end to the demand for their purchase.

If you are committed to buying a Mudeford beach hut the best bet is to go there and speak to the current beach hut owners and let them know you are interested in purchasing one. This way you can strike up some kind of relationship with the current owner and be in consideration for when they decide to sell.

There are occasionally beach huts for sale here and you will usually find out about these fairly quickly since they make the news because of their very high asking price. In those cases, it’s usually a local estate agent who is dealing with the sale.

Buying a Mudeford beach hut is a costly affair, but you can be assured that the money will not be wasted and it’s actually an investment as you will see a very substantial return on your investment; if you decide to sell in the future.

This is one of the reasons why Mudeford Beach Huts are so highly sought after.

Another good idea is to call up the local Mudeford estate agents and let them know you are after buying a beach hut and they may be able to put the feelers out for you. But be prepared, it’s going to be very very expensive.

The last beach hut that was sold on Mudeford Spit had an asking price of 150 thousand pounds.

2. Bournemouth Beach Huts for Sale

bournemouth beach huts for sale
Bournemouth Beach Huts for Sale

Bournemouth beach huts have seen an extreme surge in demand over the last decade. With Bournemouth beach being awarded The Best Beach in the UK status year on year. It is also continuously awarded the Top Ten spot in Europe and it currently stands today at number 5 of the best beaches in Europe.

Because of this status and the 7 miles of Bournemouth’s golden sand and no pebbles in sight, Bournemouth beach is now the most popular beach in the UK. Thousands upon Thousands of people come to Bournemouth every year to spend their summers here. It’s even been nicknamed The Miami beach of England.

It’s not only the 7 miles of golden sand you will find here, there are many other beaches following on and adjoining Bournemouth beach that is all Blue Flag beaches and stretch for miles with golden sand.

With the other adjoining beaches and Bournemouth beach, the land mass of the beach is huge. We are talking about 19 miles of continuous, Blue Flag, award winning golden sands. That’s quite an extraordinary place.

Bournemouth Council Beach Huts For Sale

Bournemouth council has over 200 beach huts they hire out each summer and there is a huge waiting list. Recently they have been discussing selling off the beach huts, they are currently building new ones and now also have the Bournemouth Beach Lodges.

To buy a beach hut from Bournemouth council you can contact them and put yourself on the waiting list. The waiting list is very long so be prepared to be patient.

The other option is buying a private beach hut. There are hundreds of beach huts in Bournemouth which are owned privately by individuals. Once again the best way to buy is to speak to and form some kind of contact with the current owners.

Visiting Bournemouth beach and actually talking to the current owners and telling them of your interest is the quickest way to gauge a sale.

Bournemouth beach hut owners are usually members of the Beach Hut Association. This is also another great idea to get in contact with. They will be able to put the word out and let you know of any potential beach hut sales coming up in the near future.

Bournemouth beach huts are also very expensive, not as expensive as Mudeford beach huts but in comparison, the last beach hut sold on Bournemouth beach went for 50 thousand pounds. And the price will more than likely keep increasing year on year.

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3. Hengistbury Head Beach Huts for Sale

hengistbury head beach huts for sale
Hengistbury Head Beach Huts for Sale

Hengistbury head is a stunning beach that is a protected beach due to its historical significance and the many protected species of birds mammals and insects that live there. It’s also called the Jurassic coast due to the many dinosaur fossils which are found there.

The Hengistbury Head beach huts can be found by taking the land train which you can catch outside the Hengistbury Head cafe next to the car park.

This land train will take you to Mudeford Spit where you will find the Mudeford beach huts. Here the Hengistbury Head beach huts merge with the Mudeford beach huts on the Mudeford spit.

The beach huts here come up for sale very rarely and when they do they are very expensive.

There are no beach huts on Hengistbury Head beach itself due to the area’s protected status. The beach here is kept as natural as possible.

4. Southbourne Beach Huts for Sale

Southbourne is a beautiful beach of soft golden sand. It’s known as a family beach and has life guards positioned there in the summer months. There are many beach huts here lining the promenade and they are very popular. Especially with families. To hire a beach hut in Southbourne you can contact the council or go on to the council website to book your beach hut for the summer.

You can go here to hire a beach hut with the Bournemouth council.

To buy a beach hut at Southbourne beach you will need to either contact the council and be put on a waiting list or speak to the current owners of beach huts in the area.

5. Boscombe Beach Huts for Sale

Boscombe beach huts line the promenade at Boscombe and can be found starting at Boscombe pier onwards.

A lot of the beach huts here are owned by the Bournemouth council but there are some owned privately. To find Boscombe beach huts for sale.

The beach huts here are very expensive to buy but not as expensive as the other areas such as Mudeford and Bournemouth beach.

The Bournemouth council also have beach pods here which they hire out each summer.


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