Beryl Scooters Bournemouth

Beryl scooters have been in Bournemouth since January 2021. They were originally introduced through a test scheme of 50 scooters.

They’ve proved to be highly popular and are now available for free to hotel staff to travel back and forth to work on. The numbers of Beryl Scooters have now increased significantly in Bournemouth and can be found at nearly every location.

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Fun fact: In the time Beryl scooters have been in Bournemouth, 27% of all Beryl Scooter journeys were to replace a journey the person originally would have taken by car/bus/taxi/rideshare.

beryl scooter bay bournemouth

This works out to be a huge carbon emissions saving. A huge saving of 52 tonnes of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of 3.5 million kettles being boiled or 3 hundred flights from London to Edinburgh. That’s a huge benefit to Bournemouth’s air quality and the environment.

In our opinion, Beryl Scooters are the most fun way to see around Bournemouth. Beryl bikes have a speed cap, and in Bournemouth, they are capped at 3 miles per hour in ‘Go Slow’ zones, which is plenty when riding down the beach and around the town. They feel a lot faster when you are riding them though.

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Beryl scooters and Beryl bikes pick-up locations are now being shown on Google Maps and Apple Maps as well as the Beryl app.

If you are looking for things to do in Bournemouth while touring on your bike or scooter then you should go to our Things to do in Bournemouth page.

How many Beryl Bikes are there in Bournemouth?

The number of Beryl bikes is growing all the time due to popularity, but to date there are over 250 bikes in Bournemouth.

What time can I hire a Beryl Scooter/Bike in Bournemouth?

Times to hire a Beryl scooter/bike are between 5:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Where can I pick up my Beryl Scooter/Bike?

Beryl bikes and scooters can be picked up from different locations in Bournemouth, you can download the Beryl app which will give you the details on all locations. You’ll also need this app to unlock the scooter/bike. Alternatively, if you got onto Google maps you will be able to see all of the Beryl bike bays in Bournemouth on the map.

Beryl Bikes in Bournemouth

Beryl bikes can also be picked up from the beryl scooter bays, the great thing about Beryl Bikes is Bournemouth is doing a share scheme meaning you can take your bike from bay and drop your bike off at another bay and stop off at different places in between.

To find out more on Beryl Scooters and Beryl Bikes please go to the Beryl website.