Shark Sighting Bournemouth Beach – 3 Sightings

There has been quite a lot of speculation as to whether Bournemouth beach has sharks. There has also been a potential Shark Sighting on Bournemouth Beach.

bournemouth beach sharks
2017 Great White Sighting Hayling Island

1. Shark Sighting Bournemouth Beach (Boscombe)

On Boscombe beach recently in the summer of 2021 the lifeguards removed the public from the water when they were told of a possible shark sighting close to the shore. Just like you see in the movie Jaws.

They quickly dispatched jet skis out to try and find the creature but it had swam off by the time they got out there, so it was inconclusive if this animal was a shark or not.

People who witnessed this Shark sighting on Bournemouth Beach Boscombe say the fin which protruded out of the water was the same as they had seen in the Shark movies and they are adamant it was a Great White Shark.

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2. Great White Shark Sighting

In 2017 there was a sighting of a Great White Shark around Hayling island (which is near Bournemouth Beach). A shark swims in constant motion at around 3mp so it’s entirely possible that a Great White could be circling the oceans of the South of England and easily nip over to the shores of Bournemouth Beach.

bournemouth beach sharks
Shark Photo was taken by a person on the beach

3. Small Great White Shark Sighting

One person has even taken a photo of a fin they saw circling the southern shores. This photo was then sent to a shark expert for their view on what type of shark it was, and the expert has agreed its definitely a shark but he wasn’t exactly sure what species of shark it was.

But he also stated that due to the size and the shape of the fin it could possibly be either a Mako or a small Great White Shark.

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With the seas and weather becoming warmer it’s entirely possible that sharks may start to come closer to the shoreline and sharks (which usually stick to warm waters) may start coming over to the UK shores.

What type of sharks are on Bournemouth beach?

Bournemouth Beach Sharks
Bournemouth Beach Sharks

There have always been sharks at Bournemouth beach but not the type you are probably asking about. The type of sharks that have always been here are Basking Sharks.

Basking Sharks are quite common here on Bournemouth Beach. If you go out on a boat and sail near The Needles on the Isle of White you generally see these sharks regularly.

Basking sharks are harmless they live on plankton and are not interested in humans at all. Although they can be quite scary to see in the water especially if you are in there with them.

They can grow to 6-8 meters long. So it’s understandable that someone may confuse them with a species of shark which is likely to attack.

Is there a Great White in the area? – Shark Sighting Bournemouth Beach

There could be. Anything is possible. After the shark sighting on Bournemouth Beach Boscombe end. There have been some other shark sightings and from what the witnesses stated these sharks are pretty large. They also stated that the fin of the shark was pointing out of the water just like they have seen Great White Sharks in the movies.

Bournemouth beach does have lifeguards and a lifeguard office on the beach just like they have on Baywatch. There are also lifeguards sat up high who are watching the waters. You can be sure that if there was anything spotted swimming in the area they will act pretty quickly to ensure everyone is out of the water safely.

It’s important to note also that despite what the movies portray. Great White Sharks are not out to eat humans. They simply mistake their human targets for Seals. Which is their preferred food of choice. But Great Whites are the most common sharks in shark attacks.

A Great White is responsible for an attack on a human on average ten times per year. Let’s hope a Great White Shark isn’t swimming around Bournemouth Beach or any of the local beaches nearby Bournemouth.

What would happen? – Shark Sighting on Bournemouth Beach

The lifeguards are watching everything that’s going on in the summer and they keep a close eye on the sea. The first thing that would happen, just like what happened the last time there was a shark sighting on Bournemouth beach is that they would blow a whistle and with their megaphone declare everyone has to get out of the water.

Once everyone is safely removed from the water the jet skis would go in to try and locate the animal and move it away from the shore.

Nobody would be allowed back in the water until the signal is clear and there is no longer a shark circling the waters. It’s not only Bournemouth Beach they need to worry about. Bournemouth Beach merges along the coast with many other beaches on the same coastline and these beaches will then have to be alerted that there is a shark in the area and these