Where are the toilets on Bournemouth beach?

There are over thirty public toilets along Bournemouth beach, so wherever you are, thankfully you won’t be too far away from a toilet.

bournemouth beach toilets
Bournemouth Beach Toilets

There is a bigger clump of public toilets on Bournemouth Pier, so that’s something to note when picking your spot at the beach.

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Bournemouth Beach Toilets Map – Where are the toilets on Bournemouth beach?

Take a look at the Bournemouth beach Public toilet map below and the following list of the public toilets available on every Bournemouth beach and everywhere else in Bournemouth.

bournemouth beach toilets map
Bournemouth and Boscombe Beach Toilet Map

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Bournemouth Beach Public Toilets List – Where are the toilets on Bournemouth beach?

  1. Alum Chine, next to the playpark
  2. Boscombe East, just past the coloured beach huts before the Bournemouth Beach Lodges
  3. Boscombe Overstrand, next to Urban Reef restaurant
  4. Boscombe West, next to the entrance gates for Boscombe Undercliff car park
  5. Bournemouth East, next to Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip shop
  6. Bournemouth Pier, below Pier Amusements near the entrance to Bournemouth Pier
  7. Bournemouth West, between Happyland Amusements and West Beach restaurant
  8. Chineside, next to Durley Chine Beach Office, opposite the Harvester pub
  9. Fisherman’s Walk, 100m to the west of Fisherman’s Walk Cliff Lift and zig zag
  10. Gordon’s Steps, 100m to the west of Gordon’s zig-zag
  11. Manor Steps, at the bottom of the Zig Zag, behind Bournemouth Beach Lodges
  12. Portman Ravine, 400 metres east of Bournemouth Beach Lodges
  13. Southbourne, near Bistro on the Beach
  14. The Prom Diner, 200 metres west of Boscombe Pier
  15. Toft Zig Zag, next to Surfsteps surf school
  16. Warrens Edge, is a white building at the bottom of the zig-zag 100m east of Bistro on the Beach.

Bournemouth Public Toilets List – Where are the toilets on Bournemouth beach?

  1. Ashley Road bus station, Boscombe
  2. Boscombe Chine Gardens – open when café and mini-golf is open
  3. East Overcliff Drive
  4. Fishermans Overcliff
  5. Glen Fern Road
  6. Hengistbury Head hiker toilets
  7. Kingfisher Barn
  8. Leslie Road, Winton
  9. Lower Pleasure Gardens
  10. Milburn Road
  11. Millhams Road
  12. North Cemetery – part of Bournemouth crematorium
  13. Redhill Park – paddling pool toilet block closed
  14. Riverside, Wick Lane
  15. Southbourne Cross Roads
  16. West Overcliff
  17. Winton Recreation Ground.

Christchurch Public Toilets List

  1. Bridge Street
  2. Christchurch Quay
  3. Highcliffe Castle
  4. Highcliffe Recreation Ground
  5. Mudeford Quay
  6. Mudeford Recreation Ground
  7. Purewell Cross
  8. Riverway Recreation Ground
  9. Saxon Square
  10. Sea Corner.
  11. Christchurch Seafront
  12. Friars Cliff Beach
  13. Mudeford Sandbank (all blocks open).

Poole Public Toilets List

  1. Baiter Park
  2. Hamworthy Park
  3. Lake Pier – portable toilets are currently being provided until the block is refurbished
  4. Poole Park
  5. Poole Quay (Watch Station)
  6. The Haven
  7. UCP Tea rooms courtyard
  8. Upton House car park
  9. Whitecliff Recreation Ground.

Poole Beach Public Toilets List

  1. Branksome Chine Car Park, next to the Beach shop
  2. Branksome Dene Chine, up the steps next to the kiosk on the promenade, at the back of Branksome Dene Room
  3. Branksome Promenade, white painted toilet block, 300 metres to the west of Branksome Chine car park. Look out for the shark selfie wall painted below them
  4. Canford Cliffs Chine promenade – white building at the bottom of the Chine
  5. Flaghead Chine, near the seaside garden and seating area
  6. Sandbanks car park, near the beach office
  7. Shore Road, wooden-clad block next to Jazz Café.

How Clean are the toilets on Bournemouth Beach?

The toilets are currently being cleaned on average 3 times a day. If any of the toilets appear to be unclean then there is a telephone number you can call on the toilet doors to alert the beach cleaning team.

The Bournemouth Beach cleaning team is also cleaning and disinfecting behind beach huts.