Horse Riding New Forest – 5 Riding Stables

One of the best ways to explore the new forest is on horseback. And it’s one of the most unique things to do in the New Forest.

horse riding new forest new forest ponies
Horse Riding New Forest – New Forest Ponies

Horse riding in the New Forest means you get to see areas of the New forest you wouldn’t normally be able to see on foot or by car.

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With horse riding, you get to ride right out into the forest and see some stunning areas. While visiting Bournemouth and the surrounding forest why not have a hack out while you’re here and experience the true beautiful Dorset and Hampshire have to offer.

Here we list our favorite riding stables to go horse riding in the New Forest.

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Riding Stables New Forest

1. Bagnum Riding Stables, Ringwood

horse riding new forest bagnum
Bagnum Equestrian Centre, New Forest

Bagnum riding stables is my personal favorite because this is where I learned to ride as a child. I have also kept one of my horses there on full-livery in the past and it’s a favorite place of mine to spend time with horses. Because of my experience with Bagnum Riding Stables I know that the horses here are looked after exceptionally well and they all have a lovely life.

Set in the Beautiful Ringwood forest, with absolutely no busy road work to get into the depths of the forest. Bagnum Riding stables really is an excellent choice to spend time around horses and to experience the beauty the forest has to offer.

This riding stables offers hacks out into the forest in groups with others or you can book to be taken out on your own.

They cater to all abilities, so even if you are in a group with others of varying abilities this isn’t a problem because the staff at Bagnum will ensure you are split into groups of experience when it comes to the more advanced riders going off for a canter or a gallop.

Whatever your experience with riding, they have ponies and horses for all abilities and from personal experience, the horses they do have here are very calm and absolutely lovely.

They also offer riding lessons for all abilities and ages. All set surrounded by trees in the wonder Ringwood area of the New Forest.

2. Burley Villa Riding Stables, Burley

horse riding new forest burley
Burley Villa Riding Stables, New Forest

Burley Villa Riding Stables is set within the stunning area of Burley in the New Forest. This is a British Riding Society-approved riding stables and is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

Beginners and more advanced riders are welcome at Burley villas and they have horses and ponies to cater to all abilities. (although due to high demand they may now only be catering to riders with some riding experience).

What’s great about these riding stables is they have a nearby B&B for those coming to the area from out of town to stay in and enjoy an extended period of time riding.

You can choose group and private lessons and hacks out into the woodland.

This riding stables is unique since it offers both English riding lessons and western riding lessons if you feel like experiencing a different type of riding experience.

Being situated in the popular area of Burley, these riding stables get booked up very quickly so it’s always a good idea to try and book in advance so you aren’t disappointed on the day.

There are indoor and outdoor riding arenas so even when the weather isn’t too great outside you can still go riding and don’t have to miss out on any lessons.

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3. Brockenhurst Riding Stables (also known as Burley Manor Riding Stables)

horse riding new forest brockenhurst
Brockenhurst Riding Stables New Forest

Brockenhurst Riding Stables is situated in the popular and beautiful village of Brockenhurst.

This is another popular stables that get booked up pretty quickly but are well worth the wait but it’s imperative to book quite a bit in advance. The forest in Brockenhurst is a beautiful area to ride out on and there is no road work required to get out into the depths of the woods. Its direct forest access, straight out into the New Forest National Park.

Brockenhurst Riding Stables caters for all age groups and all abilities from 2 years old upwards.

You can experience group rides out into the forest with a maximum of groups of 5, for a unique personal experience, You can also book for just your group to be taken out solely. Perfect for all the family to go out together for a memory-making family hack. You’ll get to see the wild New Forest ponies roaming the area and if you’re lucky you may also get to see deer, wild pigs and other animals.

4. Arniss Equestrian, Fordingbridge

horse riding new forest fordingbridge
Arniss Equestrian, New Forest

At the other end of the New Forest is Arniss Equestrian. I lovely riding stables situated in the village of Godshill in Fordingbridge. This is a British Horse Society Approved riding stables and livery yard.

This is a family-run stables in a lovely forest area, absolutely beautiful woodland rides can be had here. This stables offer direct forest access with absolutely no roadwork needed.

They have horses and ponies for all riding abilities and experiences and cater to children from the age of 6 years old. All of their instructors are DBS checked so you can be sure your little one is completely safe on their visit.

If you’re a more experienced rider they have separate arenas for Dressage and Jumping. You can also take forest hacks in groups of on your own right out into the forest.

5. 4 Seasons Forest Rides, Ringwood

horse riding new forest ringwood
Wilma the horse at 4 Season Forest Rides, New Forest

4 Seasons Riding School is right in the heart of the New Forest in the town of Ringwood. Its perfect to hack straight out of the forest. The horses here are treated wonderfully and have a lovely life where they get to live out on the New Forest 24/7 surrounded by trees they use for shelter and natural streams they drink from for water.

They have horses and ponies for all age groups and abilities and they offer hacks and riding lessons for children from the ages of 2 years old and upwards.

If you are a nervous rider they offer one-to-one sessions to help improve your confidence in the saddle.

This is a very relaxing experience with horses who are literally living the dream, unstabled out in the open air surrounded by beautiful scenery and landscapes.

A truly unique experience with beautiful horses and ponies in a stunning area of the New Forest.

The New Forest Riding commission offers a horse riding in the New Forest Guide which may be of some interest to you if you are planning on spending a lot of time in the saddle on your stay.