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Beach Hut Hire Bournemouth

Bournemouth beach huts are some of the most photographed and iconic beach huts in the UK. Bournemouth has been voted the best beach in the UK many times and is even on the Top Ten list for the best beach in Europe.

Bournemouth Beach Huts
Bournemouth Beach Huts

If you are looking to hire a beach hut in Bournemouth then you have come to the right place. Think Bournemouth Beach Huts, Think BournemouthGO.

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Mudeford Beach Huts
Mudeford Beach Huts: Photo: Beach Hut Hire Mudeford

Beach Hut Hire Bournemouth Locations

For a Bournemouth Beach Hut map and locations please go here

Colourful Bournemouth Beach Huts
Colourful Bournemouth Beach Huts

Where to find Beach Huts for Sale in Bournemouth?

Every year thousands of people travel to Bournemouth to hire or buy a beach hut. It is said that 70% of all Bournemouth Beach Huts are privately owned.

When a beach hut owner decides to sell, there are a few places they go about advertising them.

A lot of the beach huts are sold through estate agents and can be found on property search websites such as Rightmove or Facebook Marketplace.

Beach Hut owners here in Bournemouth belong to the Bournemouth Beach Hut Association (BBHA). This is always a useful place to start.

It can’t hurt to enquire if any of the members have their Bournemouth beach hut up for sale or if they can point you in the right direction to someone who does.

Some beach huts actually have a sign on the door stating they are for sale.

So having a walk along the promenade where you are planning to buy a beach hut is always advisable.

There are commercial websites too. They list the private ownership beach huts for sale.

Bournemouth Beach Hut Rental – Available all Year Round

Bournemouth beach huts are now available to hire all year round. Bournemouth Council has decided that the huts will be available for hire between October and March, which is great news for those who enjoy beach hut holidays at this time of the year.

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The council has been awarded a National Lottery grant to provide these improvements, as part of its proposal to remove the summer-only restriction.

Sandbanks Beach
Sandbanks Beach

The council hopes that this will help increase the number of visitors to the town, especially during the autumn and winter months. Beach huts in Bournemouth are available to hire all year round even in Winter.

To hire Bournemouth beach huts with Bournemouth Council book here

How Much are Bournemouth Beach Huts to Buy?

They usually are in the range of 50K upwards. Mudeford beach huts are the most expensive. The most recent beach hut that sold in Mudeford went for over 500k. Mudeford Beach Huts are the most expensive in the WORLD!

As well as Bournemouth Beach we have many beaches in the surrounding areas. So if Bournemouth Beach is too busy for you, then why not check out the other beaches we have nearby to buy a beach hut such as Southbourne beach or Boscombe Beach?

Beach Hut Hire Bournemouth

Can you Rent a Beach Hut for a Day in Bournemouth?

Yes, you can. We have many beach huts to hire privately in Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Beach Huts through the local Council are available for hire on a 4 weekly basis through the council. You may be able to arrange day hire with privately owned beach huts.

Alternatively, there are now also the Bournemouth Beach Lodges which means you no longer need to book a hotel when you come to Bournemouth Beach to hire a beach hut. You can stay overnight in a Bournemouth Beach Lodge.

Where to find Beach Huts for Hire in Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is incredibly popular as a beach destination, especially in the summer. People travel from all over the UK and abroad to spend their summers in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth is consistently voted The UK’s Best Beach. So no wonder it’s brimming at the seams every summer.

People actually queue for hours to hire a beach hut for the summer here in Bournemouth. The beach huts on other beaches nearby to Bournemouth such as Mudeford Beach in Christchurch, Boscombe Beach and Southbourne Beach are also just as popular.

To hire a Bournemouth beach hut through Bournemouth Council go here

Bournemouth Beach Huts
Bournemouth Beach Huts

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How long can you Hire a Bournemouth Beach Hut?

Because of their popularity, they are quite expensive to hire. If you hire a beach hut it’s usually for the duration of 4 weeks. This is to ensure it’s fair for everyone trying to get one for the summer.

Who owns Bournemouth Beach Huts?

The Bournemouth Beach Huts are rented and managed by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council. The rest of the other 2000 beach huts in Bournemouth and surrounding beaches are privately owned.

What months of the year can I hire a Bournemouth Beach Hut?

You can hire a Bournemouth beach hut from April all the way to October. There are over 250 beach huts the council has to hire. It’s prohibited to sublet the beach hut at any time.

If you’re looking to hire a beach hut here in Bournemouth you need to get in there early.

The Bournemouth Beach Lodges can be hired all year round. You can even spend Christmas day at one of our Bournemouth Beach Lodges.

What beaches does the council have Bournemouth Beach Huts on?

The areas the council has beach huts are Alum Chine, Durley Chine, Bournemouth, Southbourne and Fisherman’s Walk.

Do Bournemouth Beach Huts have toilets?

The beach huts on Bournemouth beach do not have toilets within the beach hut itself. But not to worry.

If you’re worried about there not being toilets near your beach hut then don’t worry. There are 24 toilets along Bournemouth Beach. Wherever you are. You will be near to one.

To find out the location of all the toilets on Bournemouth Beach, go to our Bournemouth Beach Toilet map page.

hengistbury head beach
Hengistbury Head Beach

To book a beach hut on Bournemouth Beach from Bournemouth Council go to this link.

Beach Hut Hire Bournemouth with Disabilities

There are numerous beach huts for hire especially built for disabled people built on Boscombe Beach.

The huts are quite large and can accommodate up to four wheelchairs at one time. They are on level access so easy to enter. There’s a gas stove in them with a table and drinking tap.

If you need a bigger hut they have been designed so the partition wall between two huts can be removed turning two huts into one.

The huts incorporate a fully accessible toilet, shower unit, an electric mobility scooter charging point. Nearby there is a changing facility which has a change bed, toilet, sink and shower with a hoist.

Beach friendly wheelchairs are available to hire on the day for a deposit.

When you want to move from the beach hut to the sand there are also Mobi-Mats available for daily hire.

highcliffe beach
Highcliffe Beach

Can you sleep in Bournemouth Beach Huts?

No, unfortunately, you are not allowed to sleep in the Bournemouth Beach Huts. There are alternatives though such as the Bournemouth Beach Lodges which sleep up to 6 people and can be hired all year round.

Bournemouth Beach Lodges Hire

bournemouth beach lodges
Bournemouth Beach Lodges

The normal Bournemouth Beach Huts don’t allow for overnight stays. You cant sleep in them. But no problem because this is where the Beach Lodges come in. Situated on the beachfront near Boscombe Pier.

These lodges get booked up very quickly. Each beach lodge sleeps up to 6. It has all the facilities you could need such as a TV, sofa, microwave, 4 ring hob, kitchen, bathroom, free Wifi and wheelchair access. In the bathroom, there is a shower a washbasin, a toilet and a heated towel rail. Everything is provided for you, You don’t even need to bring washing up liquid or toilet rolls.

Believe it or not, these beach lodges are booked up in the winter too. People come and stay here for Christmas. The lodges are fully insulated and heated.

If you book one of the beach lodges for Christmas they come pre-decorated for you to just turn up and have a festive time.

Unfortunately, the lodges don’t come with an oven. But there is everything else you need to cook up breakfast.

There are 24 Bournemouth beach lodges in all to rent. All of them line the beach promenade and are a stone’s throw from the sand. Bournemouth council are in the process of building more Bournemouth Beach Lodges as we speak.

Electric hotplate barbeques are provided. After a long day at the beach sunbathing you can stand on your veranda and enjoy a barbeque cooked meal.

They have specially adapted beach lodges for disabled people. You can also hire a lodge that is dog friendly but it’s important to note that there is a 2 dog limit. You can select these options on booking.

To find out more go to our Bournemouth Beach Lodges page.

Beach Hut Hire Bournemouth – Book Privately

It is said that up to 70% of the Beach Huts in Bournemouth are privately owned. Some of these are rented out by owners over the summer.

You can hire a beach hut here:

It’s pretty much the same set-up as renting an Airbnb, you simply decided when you want to hire the beach hut, put in the required dates and organise it through the website with the beach hut owner.

avon beach Mudeford christchurch
Avon Beach Mudeford Christchurch

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Beach Pods Boscombe Beach – Near Bournemouth Beach

Something a bit different to the Beach Hut. Is the Beach Pods on Boscombe Beach. These aren’t made out of wood, they are made from bricks and mortar.

Built-in the Overstand building, with their own private balcony and all of the mod-cons such as a cooker and public shower facilities. These pods are a perfect alternative to the Bournemouth Beach Huts.

The Overstand building also includes a restaurant and surf shop. There is an office block within the building which manages the Beach Pods.

Starting prices are around £350 for 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, these pods are restricted to disabled people due to the pods being on the first and second floor and there are no lift facilities. The public toilets and the showers are located on the ground floor along with the office.

Why are Bournemouth Beach and Bournemouth Beach Huts so popular?

Because of this Bournemouth Beach Huts and the surrounding areas are the most desirable places to have a beach hut in the UK.

The colorfully painted beach hut cabins line the shore from Sandbanks to Bournemouth Pier and all the way through to Mudeford and Christchurch are a part of the landscape, so much so that their shape has been used for town center sculptures, art installations and featured in many books.

Not only are they a great place to relax and watch the world go by, but they provide visitors with a great way to take advantage of all the wonderful things our coastline has to offer.

Bournemouth beach huts have been a feature on our award-winning beaches since 1910 when they were built as temporary shelters for men during the construction of the sea defenses.