Is Bournemouth Beach Free? – We Answer

Bournemouth beach is free, it’s always been free. There is no fee to go onto Bournemouth beach. The beach is there for everyone to enjoy and it is maintained by the BCP council on behalf of the council taxpayer. In the summer months though, it does get extremely busy so you may find there are limits to how many people can safely go onto the beach.

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How busy is Bournemouth beach?

Most summers the beach hits capacity pretty quickly, so it’s imperative you get there early if you are planning a day at the beach. Bournemouth council offers a beach app. If you download this app you will see the beach capacity and any notifications on car park capacity. Go here to download the Bournemouth beach check app

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Where to park at Bournemouth beach?

There are quite a few car parks near Bournemouth beach, The closest would be the car park next to and opposite The Royal Bath hotel. These car parks get extremely busy and hit capacity quickly though, so it’s advised to use the Park and Ride service which is put on by Bournemouth council. The park and ride service runs from Kings Park car park, which is free to park in. Buses are going to and from Kings Park car park every 30 minutes in the summer.

Is Bournemouth beach dog friendly?

Dogs are allowed on Bournemouth beach. They must be kept on a lead on the promenade and all public walking areas. In the summer, it is advised not to bring a down to the beach as it is extremely hot and busy. If a dog is seen to be in distress you could be prosecuted.

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Is Bournemouth beach sandy?

Bournemouth beach is a sandy beach. The sand is replaced regularly to keep it in tip-top condition and ready for the next summer season.

Is Bournemouth beach man-made?

Bournemouth beach isn’t man-made. It is maintained with new sand added to the beach regularly to keep it topped up and clean.

Can you camp on Bournemouth beach?

No, it is prohibited to camp on Bournemouth beach or the promenades. Council security guards check the beaches regularly for campers and if you are found to be camping on the beach day or night you could face a hefty fine and be prosecuted.

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Can you barbeque on Bournemouth beach?

Gas barbecues are not allowed on the beach at any time. Disposable barbecues are allowed on the beach after 6 pm.

Can you cycle on Bournemouth beach?

Yes, you can cycle on the Bournemouth beach. Between July and August, it is prohibited to cycle between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm. This is because the beach is extremely busy and it might pose a danger to pedestrians. Bournemouth promenade is a beautiful spot to cycle, you can cycle up to Hengistbury Head from Bournemouth beach.

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Is there toilets on Bournemouth beach?

Yes, there are several public toilet blocks on Bournemouth beach. They open at 8 am and close at 6 pm. Bournemouth beach toilets can be found at the following locations:

  • Bournemouth East, next to Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip shop
  • Bournemouth Pier, below Pier Amusements near the entrance to Bournemouth Pier
  • Bournemouth West, between Happyland Amusements and West Beach restaurant

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Is there sharks on Bournemouth beach?

Bournemouth beach does have sharks but not the type of shark which would be of any harm to swimmers. Bournemouth has always had Catsharks and these can grow to a length of 3 metres. Catsharks feed on small fish, they are not harmful to humans.

With global warming and the seas heating up, it is said that England’s beaches could become a magnet to bigger sharks. At the current time in Bournemouth, that remains to be seen.