Mudeford Beach – Mudeford Quay and Avon Beach – Beach Trip

Mudeford Quay postcode: BH23 4AB

Mudeford beach is a stunning beach in Christchurch Dorset leading off from Mudeford Quay. Great for all the family it’s an excellent beach for a nice walk in both the summer and winter months.

Crabbing (catching crabs with bate) is a particular favorite at this spot along Mudeford Quay for all family members. Crabs are safely put back into the sea at the end of the day. It’s also an excellent beach for dog walking.

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Mudeford Beach and Avon Beach

If you’re looking for a beach to sunbathe on, as an alternative to Bournemouth beach (which gets extremely busy in the summer months) Mudeford beach is just as stunning and is a lot less busy. Mudeford beach has the most expensive beach huts in the world! So obviously this beach is doing something right.

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Crabbing on Mudeford Quay
Crabbing on Mudeford Quay

There is also a lovely pub on Mudeford Quay called the Haven House Inn, which serves delicious fresh seafood caught from the Mudeford harbour each day. They sell all the usual beers and local ales. If you’re looking for a cafe with a sea view a short walk up Mudeford beach will bring you to the Noisy Lobster, where you can enjoy a British fry-up or a nice spot of tea and cake. Dogs are allowed on both premises.

Mudeford Beach Huts for Rent and Sale

To learn more about hiring a beach hut at Mudeford then go to our Mudeford Beach Huts for Sale and Rent page.

mudeford beach hut for sale and rent
Mudeford Beach Hut for Sale

Mudeford Beach and Mudeford Quay Parking

Mudeford Car Park is right at the edge of Mudeford Quay. It’s a large car park and can fit hundreds of cars. It does get very busy in the summer months so it’s best to arrive early if you are wanting a space. Parking fees apply all year round. Alternatively, a short trip further up the road will bring you to Avon Beach, and here you will find another car park. This also gets extremely busy in the summer months, but it’s worth a try if you are having difficulty finding a place.

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Mudeford Beach Wheelchair Access

Everywhere is level and flat here and there is perfect for anyone with disabilities or others who don’t like to walk too far to the destination. For those in a wheelchair, there is level access to the beach with slopes going down gradually to the sand. Disability parking is available on Mudeford Quay as well as the car park outside the Noisy Lobster Cafe. Disabled toilets are available at both locations.

There is no lifeguard service at Mudeford beach so this is something to be aware of if you are taking little ones there for a day at the seaside.

From Mudeford Quay, there are quite a few watersports that anyone can take part in. Canoes and jet skis can be hired here and activities usually include

  • Kayaking/canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
Mudeford Quay watersports rent
Mudeford Quay watersports rent

A small stretch of sand facing into Christchurch harbour is an ideal launching spot for small boats and canoes.

There is a large grassed area where others can sit and have picnics and there are picnic tables there for public use all year round. Great day out for the family if you want to have a picnic and a day of watersports.

From Mudeford beach, you can walk up to Avon Beach where the Noisey Lobster Cafe is and if you keep walking, which is a lovely walk you will reach Highcliffe Beach, another stunning beach to see. Highcliffe beach is a protected beach and is left as natural as possible due to the many protected species of insects, birds, and animals that live there.

Mudeford Sandbank

Mudeford Sandbank is a stunning area that if you choose to walk the length of will take you to Hengistbury head and its Jurassic Coast. You may be able to find some fossils for your collection.

Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Sandbank are conservation areas and they have many protected species, insects, and birds living in these areas so it is advised to keep your dog on a lead so none of these animals get disturbed in their natural habitat.

Mudeford Quay Ferry

To get to Mudeford Sandbank from Mudeford Quay you will need to take a short ferry ride. You can catch a ferry over every hour, weather permitting in the summer months. You will find the ferry port behind The Haven Inn on Mudeford Quay.

To find out more on the Mudeford Ferry. Please visit their website:

Avon Beach Mudeford
Avon Beach Mudeford

Mudeford Beach Huts – Where are they?

Mudeford beach huts have officially been awarded the title of the most expensive beach huts in the world with the most recent sale of a beach hut exceeding 50,000 pounds.

Mudeford Sandbank is where you will find the famous beach huts. Here is the most popular spot for a beach hut in the world according to the sale prices of beach huts here. It’s a stunning private area that can only be reached by ferry or by walking from Hengistbury Head. There is a cafe when you get there and it is open to the public to have a walk around, including dogs.

Mudeford Beach Dogs – Are Dogs Allowed?

bournemouth beach
Mudeford Beach and Avon Beach

Dogs are allowed on Mudeford Beach all year round. There are certain areas that are signposted that are restricted at certain times of the year but there are always large areas for dogs to enjoy any time of the year.

Mudeford Beach is a great location for dog swimming since it is sheltered by the man-made protective reef. In the winter months, it can be quite fun as with the wind the sand is collected around the shore which creates sand dunes and pools of water which is great fun for dogs to splash about in.

In the summer months, the tide is out and you can walk in shallow water and play between sand islands that are formed further out from shore.

Avon Beach

Avon Beach leads off of Mudeford beach and can be found a short walk from Mudeford Quay where the Noisy Lobster Cafe is situated. All the beach here is interconnected and merges with Highcliffe beach and Highcliffe Castle beach as you walk further up.

Avon Beach Car Park

Avon beach has its own car park right next to the Noisey Lobster Cafe. You can also park at Mudeford Quay and walk-up, which is a short walk of around 10 minutes.

Avon Beach Cafe

Avon Beach Cafe and Car park
Avon Beach Cafe and Car park

The Noisey Lobster is the cafe that is situated on the beach promenade and is directly on Avon Beach. They serve delicious breakfasts and dinner and offer views over the beach in front and sea views.

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