National Trust Bournemouth – National Trust Places

If you’re looking for some great days out and some historical the National Trust Bournemouth offers some incredible National Trust Places for days out.

Here’s our list of the most popular national trust Bournemouth places to visit.

National Trust Near Bournemouth

1. The Jurrasic Coast – National Trust Places Beach Trip

Address: 200 Broadway, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 4EL

hengistbury head beach - national trust bournemouth
Jurassic Coast – National Trust Bournemouth

Hengistbury Head and Hengistbury Head Beach

If you’re traveling down to Bournemouth for a holiday you cannot go and visit the famous Jurassic Coast. Within a short 30 minute drive from Bournemouth, you will arrive at the Jurassic coast. This coastline runs from Hengistbury Head in Christchurch to Highcliffe beach. Both wonderful beaches are protected. They both contain extreme archeological significance and also many rare and endangered species such as insects, mammals, and birds.

Hengistbury head beach is a natural beach, you won’t find any beach huts here. It’s a short trip from land train to the famous Mudeford spit where the most expensive beach huts in the world currently reside. But apart from this fame, the Hengistbury head beach itself is a beautiful stretch of golden sand surrounded by history dating back to …

It’s called the Jurassic coast because many fossils from the Jurassic period have been found here and it’s not unusual for visitors to find fossils on the cliff side as they walk along the beach. This is not only an absolutely stunning area for walks and dog walks but one of fascinating archeological interest as well.

Hengistbury Head and Hengistbury Head beach are free for anyone to go and visit.

Go to our Hengistubury Head page to watch a video tour of Hengistbury Head and its beaches.

2. Brownsea Island – National Trust Places

Address: Poole Harbour, BH15 4AJ

brownsea island national trust bournemouth
Brownsea Island – National Trust Bournemouth

Brownsea Island is protected by National Trust Bournemouth because of not only its historical significance but also because of the wildlife that live there. It’s become famous for the red squirrels that occupy the island. You can also find many protected species of bird, insect, and mammal here and it has a resident of peacocks that walk freely around the island.

You can reach Brownsea Island with a short ferry from Poole Harbour. Dogs are not allowed unfortunately due to the animals living there. But it’s a great day out for all the family.

To travel to Poole Harbour from Bournemouth it’s a mere 20 minute trip. Brownsea Island is free for anyone to go and visit.

Go to our Brownsea Island page to learn more about Brownsea Island.

3. National Trust Corfe Castle – National Trust Places

Address: Corfe Castle. Car Park BH20 5HH

Corfe Castle National Trust Bournemouth

Corfe Castle is over one thousand years old! Because of this, it has extreme archeological significance. This castle is a survivor of the civil war. It still remains today even though it was partially demolished in 1646 by the parliamentarians.

Sitting on top of a hill it offers spectacular views and is an excellent example of modern architecture. William the Conquer also lived here.

In December 1460, during the Wars of the Roses Henry Beaufort and his army marched from the castle destined for the Battle of Wakefield.

The castle was first built over a thousand years ago and is one of the first castles in England to be built by stone. During its time on the hill, it has had extra developments added to it such as the keep which was added by King Henry in the 12th century. King Henry was William the Conquer’s son.

Corfe Castle is free for anyone to go and visit.

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4. Studland Bay Beach and Studland Bay House – National Trust Places Beach Trip

Address: Studland Beach, Ferry Road, Studland, Dorset BH19 3AQ

Studland Bay National Trust Bournemouth
Studland Bay National Trust Bournemouth

Studland Bay Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach that can be reached by ferry. On Studland bay, you will also find Studland Bay House. The beach stretches for over four miles.

With views over Old Harry Rocks and vast stretches of heathland, this beach is kept as a natural beach for conservation. The heatland behind the beaches here is full of protected species, insects, mammals and birds and includes all six British reptile species.

There are numerous beaches here all owned by the National Trust. They are Shell Bay, Knoll Beach, Middle Beach, and South Beach. One of the beaches is a nudist beach.

The beaches sand dunes and trails through the heathland make this a wonderful day out to spot different species of insects and reptiles and to take in the phenomenal beauty of the Purbecks.

Watersports is popular here as well as family picnics. Dogs are allowed on the Studland beaches all year round.

Studland Bay is free for anyone to go and visit.

5. Kingston Lacy – National Trust Places

Address: Kingston Lacy, Wimborne BH21 4EA

Kingston Lacy National Trust Bournemouth
Kingston Lacy National Trust Bournemouth

Kingston Lacy is a beautiful national trust protected former residence near Wimbourne Minster, Dorset. Built in a decadent Venetian style this house is more like stepping into a palace.

The house was built between 1663 and 1665 by the Bankes Family who lived there for centuries between the 17th and the 20th centuries. The house is now a grade one listed building and was purchased by National Trust Bournemouth in the 50s. It’s not maintained by the National Trust and is open to the public.

Kingston Lacy is free for members of National Trust Bournemouth. If you’re not a member of National Trust you can pay on arrival.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights

Every Christmas Kingston Lacy puts on an incredible Christmas light display. Tickets can be purchased for this event leading up to Christmas. The dates for the Kingston Lacy Christmas lights in 2022 are 2-4 December and 7-24 December.

The lights don’t just incorporate the house itself but they are installed all throughout the garden trails offering a magical walk through a Christmas wonderland.

Keep an eye out in our Events section for other Christmas events at Kingston Lacy taking place.

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6. Highcliffe Castle – National Trust Places

highcliffe castle national trust bournemouth
Highcliffe Castle National Trust Bournemouth

Highcliffe Castle is owned by Bournemouth Council but has input from National Trust Bournemouth due to its historic significance.

This castle was also a residence that has not been beautifully restored and is open to the general public. Next to the castle is Highcliffe Castle beach which has a steep decline of steps leading out onto it. The castle itself is also surrounded by a nature reserve which offers a fascinating and great family day out.

After being through two fires and then respectfully restored to its former glory, Highcliffe Castle is now a grade one protected building.

Go here to find out more about Highcliffe Castle and Highcliffe Castle Beach.