Peachy Queen Bournemouth Insta-Worthy Design

Peachy Queen Bournemouth is a stunning cocktail bar with an Instagram-worthy interior that is a must-visit when you come to Bournemouth. Bournemouth has great nightlife and Peachy Queen is definitely up there with a cocktail bar you won’t be disappointed to visit.

Peachy Queen Bournemouth
Peachy Queen Bournemouth Photos: FINCH INTERIORS

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Peachy Queen Bournemouth
Peachy Queen Bournemouth

The interior design has been created around the original ‘it girl’ from the Victorian Era called Lillie Langtry. Lillie is somewhat of an icon here in Bournemouth being that she was a former resident and has her own hotel here which was previously her former home.

Designed in pink with victorian era influences this cocktail bar is really somewhat of a must-see. Tie that in with the delicious cocktails and the yummy menu with some really amazing cakes and you have the evening out of your dreams.

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peachy queen bournemouth cocktail bar
Peachy Queen Bournemouth Cocktail Bar Photos: FINCH INTERIORS

Who was Lillie Langtry?

Lillie Langtry was a socialite and the original ‘it girl’. She was the Kim Kardashian of her time. She hung out with Oskar Wiled and was known to attend lavish parties with him and dress in a non-conformist style. She attended many a party here in Bournemouth, especially at the Royal Bournemouth Hotel which in its time used to host the Queen of England and other aristocrats and even celebrities. It was the place to be seen of its time.

In her era, women’s wear was somewhat stuffy and Lilly shook off those societal norms and chose to wear just black with very little jewelry. This was a real rebel moment in those strict times.

Because she wasn’t afraid to show her individuality she became the favorite mews of some of the most famous painters such as John Everett Millais and others who she modeled for regularly.

Because of her lifestyle of fashionable events and parties she was featured in the newspapers and gossip articles often and gained a lot of fans.

Due to this following of many adoring women (and men) fans, Lilly became the first model and face of Pears Soap. The first model of a commercial product of their time. This makes her officially the very first beauty influencer.

She dated many of society’s most influential men during her lifetime and even had a relationship with Queen Victoria’s son. Prince Edward built her a home here in Bournemouth where they could meet in secret when he came down from London. And today this stunning house has been made into a hotel for anyone to stay in. The hotel is called the Langtry Manor.