Smokin Aces Cocktail Bar Bournemouth

smokin aces Bournemouth
Smokin Aces Cocktail Bar Bournemouth

Opened in 2010 and situated on Commercial Road in the Triangle of Bournemouth. Smokin’ Aces Cocktail Bar is one of the most popular cocktail bars in Bournemouth. With award-winning bartenders, this place only hires the best.

Smokin’ Aces is famous for its party atmosphere, with its live music and DJ sets. Its exclusive ‘come one, come all’ policy and warm atmosphere means this bar receives national as well as international recognition.

Unlike other cocktail bars, there is nothing pretentious about Smokin Aces cocktail bar. There is no dress code, no entrance fee and no VIP lists, which is very refreshing. You’ll only receive the warmest of welcomes at Smokin’ Aces.

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The atmosphere upstairs in Smokin Aces is different from one night to the next. One night might be a calm ambient experience, another night might be live music with people dancing on the bars and tables. No two nights are the same, so you’ll never get bored coming back over and over again.

If you head downstairs you’ll be in ‘The Rogues Gallery’. A more relaxed bar with calm music and a more experimental cocktail and Irish whisky feel. The Rogues Gallery has a cocktail menu and whisky list, something you won’t find upstairs. This is where you’ll get to sample unique cocktails and Whiskys you won’t find anywhere else.

Find out more on Smokin Aces Cocktail bar at their website.

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