The BoatHouse Christchurch – A Quayside Restaurant

Address: Quay Rd, Christchurch BH23 1BU

The Boathouse Christchurch
The Boathouse Christchurch

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The Boathouse Christchurch is a stunning bar and restaurant situated on Christchurch Quay and Christchurch Harbour. With panoramic views of the River Stour and the moored yachts and boats. A beautiful spot to sit and watch the world go by all while having a delicious meal or glass of wine.

Boathouse Christchurch
Boathouse Christchurch

With it being just 2 minutes from the Christchurch Priory and Christchurch town center it’s perfectly positioned for visitors to the area.

After dinner why not take a ferry over to Hengistbury Head from the Quay in front of the BoatHouse? The BoatHouse Christchurch has its sister restaurant on Mudeford Spit on Mudeford Beach. And this can be reached by the ferry.

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A Nice White Wine Spritzer on a hot day Boathouse Christchurch
A Nice White Wine Spritzer on a hot day on the Boathouse Balcony

The BoatHouse at night transforms into a young, vibrant feel with dance music and ambient outside lighting. A great place to spend the evening or to have a few drinks before going to a club.

On other nights they have live music with renowned local guitarists and singers. These take place every Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The cocktail selection here is really good and they serve all of the favorites as well as new signature cocktails and new varieties.

Alternatively, grab a bite to eat at the inside restaurant or go al fresco on the jetty and veranda, or sit and have cocktails in the bar

View from the Boathouse Glass Balcony
View from the Boathouse Glass Balcony

The Boathouse Christchurch Menu

The food here is all locally sourced and the fish is fresh straight from Mudeford Quay and delivered daily. There are daily seasonal specials that change regularly.

Our full menu is served 12-3pm & 6pm-10pm on weekdays, 12-10pm on weekends.

Breakfast is served daily and bar food consists of Paninis and other dishes to share.

Food here isn’t cheap, but it’s of a good standard and it’s a lovely location to sit and eat at.

It does get very busy on the weekends and can feel a bit claustrophobic out on the veranda when they have the cover over to protect customers from the sun.

The Boathouse Christchurch View
The Boathouse Christchurch View

The Boathouse Christchurch Chandelier Bar

For private functions, there is the beautiful Chandelier Bar with views over Christchurch Quay. The Chandelier bar serves the finest champagnes, exquisite cocktails, world-class wines, and delicious food.

The Boathouse Christchurch Chandelier Bar
The Boathouse Christchurch Chandelier Bar

If you fancy a bit of family fun there is even a Crazy Golf course outside attached to the outdoor seating area.

Christchurch Quay itself is a beautiful place to see. The Boathouse sits right on a huge playing field and there is a kid’s playground and bandstand positioned at the front. There are lots of swans here swimming up and down the river and if you are lucky you might get to see some baby ducks.

Next to the Boathouse are The Old Mill and the Old Mill tea rooms. The Old Mill also called Place Mill is a historical landmark on Christchurch Harbour. Located between River Stour and River Avon its job is to take the river water from the River Avon and transfer it via its wheel to the River Stour.

Place Mill Christchurch Harbour
Place Mill Christchurch Quay

As mentioned in the Doomsday Survey this mill is incredibly old. The Mill features Medieval stonework, Tudor and 18th-century brickwork.

Today the mill is an art gallery and a workshop. It’s also open for visitors to take a look at the still-working water wheel. In front of Place Mill is where the ferry boats arrive to take you to Mudeford Sandbank.

A fascinating piece of history.