Visit Stonehenge – Stonehenge Archaeology – Older Than Pyramids

Stonehenge Archaeology: Stonehenge is older than the Pyramids.

Situated in Salisbury, about an hour’s drive from Bournemouth, are 80 prehistoric stones formatted into a circle in the middle of a field. One of the most famous and popular historic monuments in England and one of the Wonders of the World.

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Stonehenge Archaeology

Consisting of different rings of stone. An outer circle of stones which each weighs 25 tons, is topped by connecting horizontal stones which join up and form a top circle and a further circle of 4-ton inner stones.

Stonehenge Archaeology

Stonehenge archaeologists believe Stonehenge was created in approximately 3000BC, although they have found wooden posts which were put there before dating back to 8000BC. It is suggested that Stonehenge was originally a burial ground as bone fragments were found dating back to 3000BC and for 500 years following that. Roughly, it took Neolithic builders about 1,500 years to erect.

stonehenge bones

In 2013 Mike Parker Pearson of Sheffield University a Stonehenge archaeologist and his team excavated over 50,000 cremated bones of 63 different people. Men women and children.

Each stone was transferred all those thousands of years ago, to the site from a quarry 16 miles away with some of the stones even being transported from 200 miles away in Wales. It is unclear how they achieved this feat in moving 25-ton stones such long distances.

The stones seem to have also been moved to different positions within the setting over the thousands of years they’ve been placed there. The Stonehenge that we see standing there today evolved over a 1500 year period through a four-stage building project.

If you’re fascinated by history and mysticism then Stonehenge is a great day out. There is also an onsite museum with artifacts and speeches on Stonehenge archaeology. You can get up close to and see and Neolithic houses built outside with English Heritage volunteers showing how they would make bread using an ancient recipe on the fire.

There is a large shop and facilities such as toilets, a changing room and, a Cafe.

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The Exhibition – Stonehenge Archaeology

Stonehenge Day Tour

You’ll find over 250 ancient Stonehenge artifacts displayed at the onsite exhibition. Through a combination of visual effects and audio, you’ll get to know the Stonehenge people, stones, and landscape all those thousands of years ago.

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stonehenge man reconstruction

One of the favourite pieces of Stonehenge archaeology is the reconstructed face of a man found at Stonehenge who lived over 5500 years ago. His face was reconstructed from bones found within Stonehenge.

Other objects include a pig leg with an embedded arrow, a mandible, a drawn-on chalkboard, pottery items, pendants, beads, fossils, and human bones.

Exhibition British Museum – Stonehenge Archaeology

If after visiting Stonehenge you find yourself wanting to delve into its history some more, The British Museum in London is holding a long-standing exhibition on Stonehenge. There will also be one fascinating piece. The oldest prosthetic limb in history, which is believed to have also doubled up like a knife. For more information on The World of Stonehenge Exhibition at the British Museum click here

Are dogs allowed at Stonehenge?

Assistance dogs are allowed at Stonehenge but for other dogs, it’s best to contact the site before attending. There are sheep in the area and dogs may be prohibited.

Can you touch Stonehenge?

Unfortunately, visitors are prohibited from touching the stones, the closest you can get to the stones is 10 meters. This is to protect the Stonehenge archaeology.

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Is Stonehenge older than the Pyramids?

If we look at the point Stonehenge was completed in build which is 3000BC, thousands of years after it originally started being built in 8000BC. Stonehenge was already 500-1000 years old before the first pyramid was even built.

How close can you get to the Stones?

Visitors are allowed within 10m of the stones. There is a low fence that prohibits anyone from getting closer.

How was Stonehenge built?

The jury is still out on this one. There are many theories out there about how these people managed to move 4-ton stones from Wales and 25-ton stones from 16 miles away to Stonehenge. Some of the theories include boats, glaciers, rollers and sledges.

Why was Stonehenge built?

Nobody knows. But from the amount of Stonehenge Archaeology and cremated bones found at the site archaeologists believe at one point in time and for 500 years afterward, it was a burial ground.

Opening Times

Opening times are usually 9:30 am to 5:00 pm


There is paid parking at Stonehenge but the car park does get extremely busy.

Is Stonehenge free?

Stonehenge has an entrance fee. If you are a member of English Heritage it is free. You can purchase tickets online or pay at the entrance on the day. Paying at the entrance on the day is more expensive than prepaying online for a ticket.

Book Stonehenge Tour

Tours are available at Stonehenge and you can book a Stonehenge tour on their website.